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While fighting for their lives, three mermaid sisters must battle dark and forbidden desires hidden in the ocean’s depths…

After defeating the covert agency that threatened to destroy her and her sisters, Addison Lonike grudgingly resumes her life as an EMT in Maine. She would love nothing more than to take on the dangerous Mer queen, Magaera, who is hell-bent on destroying them. But with two baby nieces on the way, she can’t take the risk. That is, until Mason McKenzie arrives…

Captain of the naval task force on the hunt for Queen Magaera in the Mediterranean, Mason sees the perfect recruit in Addison. But while at sea, the pair is pulled under a wave of passion that threatens their independent natures—and their mission. An encounter with a new race of male sea-shifters further complicates Addison’s desires. Now, she must choose between a life of the sea, or fulfilling the deepest longings of her heart…

The final book in an exciting trilogy!

“A root-able heroine, a divinely sexy hero, and a really cool bad guy (bad gal?), Devyn Quinn’s Siren’s Desire has pretty much everything you need to curl up and get lost for hours.” –MaryJanice Davidson, New York Times best-selling author of the Undead series

“Devyn Quinn’s Siren’s Desire provides an action-packed fantasy within a really ‘hot’ romance novel. I loved the main characters, Mason and Addison, and the sparks that fly between them. As a fantasy author, I really enjoyed and appreciated all the world-building Ms. Quinn did for the “Siren” trilogy; her mermaids are both human and otherwordly, drawn to human males, yet having their own magic and traditions. This triumphant conclusion to the story of the three Lonike sisters and the men that fall hard for them is sure to engage both romance and fantasy readers!” ~ AC Crispin, author of The Price of Freedom

“In the final book in the Dark Tides trilogy about magical mermaids, Quinn uses her lovely way with words to whisk you away to imaginative places filled with remarkable people. Readers will be spellbound. 4 stars.” – Romantic Times

“The final Dark Tides oceanic romantic fantasy is a super finish to a stupendous saga in which the key to the series is the belief that the Siren and Mer species exists. Fast-paced from start to the finish, readers will enjoy the third Lonike sister’s escapades in love, tide and adventures as Devyn Quinn casts a charming spell on her audience.” – Alternative World Reviews

“Devyn Quinn writes another lovely story with Siren’s Desire. The passion is hot and the love the sisters share with each other and their mates is intense. If you are a fan of mermaids, this trilogy will definitely wet your whistle. 4 Stars.” – The Romance Reader’s Connection

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