May 10, 2012~

It’s been an exciting week! Now that it’s done I’m ready to unveil the cover for my upcoming steampunk novel, The Resurrectionist! There are two versions, the blue for eBook and the gold for print. Tentative release is Feb 2013, though I am aiming for the end of the year–if at all possible.

The Resurrectionist ebook coverPrint cover

Credit goes to artist Stella Price for capturing my vision so perfectly!

So what’s it about? Here’s a teaser synopsis:

London, 1830

In the emerging field of medicine, Lady Florentia Palmer is a firm believer in science. She has no patience for the simple beliefs of an earlier age, or the tenants of religion based on faith alone. She also does not care for the limits society places on her womanhood, and is determined to carve her own path in life. As a noblewoman with a substantial trust, she is able to follow her passion with complete impunity.

Unfortunately women of her era aren’t allowed to attend med school, which pushes Florentia to take a desperate risk: to disguise herself as a young man. Her deception, thus far, has gone undiscovered and Florentia is a top student and promising surgeon. But hiding her unfortunate gender isn’t the sole obstacle this young student faces. In order to study anatomy, she must acquire stolen corpses, a highly illegal and dangerous measure.

Her current subject turns out to be the victim of a strange murder. But that’s not the only thing Florentia is about to discover. In fact, she is shocked beyond reason when he revives during the autopsy! Probing the miraculous event, Florentia learns he isn’t exactly alive. The young man, Andrew Waterston, is one of the undead; a vampire. As science and superstition clash, Florentia delves deeper into the mystery of how Andrew became “infected” with what must surely be a strange new disease. Excited by the prospect of discovering the source, her search for the truth plunges her into London’s dangerous underworld, where creatures of nightmare walk fog shrouded streets in search of victims they need to feed hellish hungers. There, she will encounter a darkly fascinating being, the ungodly beast Nicolae Miklos Dragomir~ who is also a master of seduction. Drawing Florentia in as a spider lures the fragile fly, Nicolae threatens to steal not only her heart, but drain away her very soul…

Keep in mind this is only the tip of what I’ve got planned for my intrepid sleuth and her newly undead sidekick!

So that’s it for now. Questions and comments are welcome! 🙂

Off to write!